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Daylight Series #2 with Fireflamez.

A lot of musicians have answered the call to pursue their dreams while a lot more lack the boldness to do so. Today on daylight Series is a young man that is touching lives with the melody he creates and his on of a kind uplifting lyrics. He is here to stay. He is Fireflamez (readers cheering and clapping 👏 👏)Ebube: Now tell us, Who is Fireflamez and how long has he been in the industry?

Fireflamez: Fireflamez is a seasoned wordsmith,singer and Rastafarian. He started his Musical career professionally back in 2011 as a commercial/hardcore Rapper but never really dropped any song until 2013. From then he has a couple of recorded and yet to be recorded songs. Fireflamez was formerly known as Lee Whizzy. But during the wake of 2015,he received a Divine Inspiration that cut through every part of him touching his lifestyle,religion,genre and also a change of name. So from 2015,he became known as Fireflamez and so the process of rebranding was set on course. Right now he is a devoted member of the Rastafari Movement and a Conscious Rastaman. Fireflamez sobriquet is “Ur Neighborhood Rastaman“. He has 2 major hits at the moment,which can be found online by just one click. As we all know,rebranding is a process that takes time and a whole lot of practice especially when it has to do with a Rapper becoming a Singer and embracing Reggae Culture totally,so at the moment he is consciously working on a couple of majors(Singles and Collabos) that will be released very soon.

Ebube: How can you describe the journey so far?

Fireflamez: Well,to me the journey so far has been tough but fun all along. I have had my bad times,too many challenges but still I only had one thing in mind,which is to keep pressing and pushing on. The most important of all is that God has been good and gracious to me in the long run. The journey so far has a final destination and I won’t stop until am there.

Ebube: The Nigerian Music Industry has its ups and downs, what are the challenges that have surfaced so far?

Fireflamez: The challenges are too many but the most challenging of all is our geographical location on the Music Map. It’s really hard for an artiste from the South-South to power up and come out clean in the limelight. It is a must that u have to move over to the Western part of Nigeria to become something. That has been my number one challenge. Besides that,I have had the issue of finance, proper support and a good fan base. Labels signing u up and then letting u wrath behind the scenes also has been a challenge. Although, am still an unsigned act, I can now boast of a good fan base and many supportive listeners and lovers of my brand. But however I may put it,God isn’t left out of it because he has proven to me that He is God indeed. He has propelled and placed me where I can now receive some fresh air.
So now I want to use this medium to thank all those supporting the brand

Fireflamez. Pls keep supporting and recommending Fireflamez to ur friends because it will only take a little more push before we hit the limelight. And to my people out there,Never give up! Thank u so much. I am Fireflamez, Ur Neighborhood Rastaman.

Ebube: (smiles) Your song “INEVITABLE” is one of those songs that hits a listener in the chest and inspires her, what inspired you to write and sing that song?

Fireflamez: Inevitable is a part of the Divine Inspirations I had and as a matter of fact,there are still a whole lot of them to be unleashed. Inevitable was written out of my love for the street and the ordinary ghetto youth whose only aim is to be successful despite not having anything. So it’s a message of encouragement and perseverance not to give up on ur dreams and goals because ur success might just be at the corner.

Ebube: Let’s talk about “THROUGH MY WINDOW” which is my favourite of your songs, what made you write that song?

Fireflamez: Through My Window isn’t just as the name implies but it means a whole lot. It means to see things from my own perspective,to understand things the way I understand them. Through My Window carries a message of hope for a better tomorrow,the sweetness of life and the love of nature. It was inspired mainly by Jah because this days,there’s really no freedom of speech and so the only way to pass my message without obstruction was to pass it through the Music lane. That way,everybody gets a piece of it. Besides that,the lyrics itself is an irony. It has deeper things embedded in it.

Ebube: As a Nigerian artiste, you have a platform, how do you intend to make people’s lives better nationwide and globally?

Fireflamez: I don’t intend to make money from my music and then the people listening to me are being misled. I want to do songs that will inspire them,teach them and give them hope in every ramification. I want to inspire the world positively!

Ebube: To you, how important is music to the world?

Fireflamez: Music is highly spiritual be it secular or gospel. It has been in existence from the very foundation of the world. So to me,Music is very important to the world because its a part of us and it cuts through every aspect of life.Ebube: What genre of music does your songs fall under?

Fireflamez: As a Rastaman, my music naturally falls under the Reggae genre. But mind u,Reggae itself is a tree and every tree has branches. Under the Reggae genre,u have dub,reggae blues,roots and culture,dancehall and so on. So am an all round Reggae artiste,it only depends on the type of inspiration I get,that will determine the branch of Reggae that it falls under.

Ebube: What’s your word of advise to those JJC musicians looking up to you in the industry?

Fireflamez: The message is simple. Be positive and straightforward in ur dealings. Let ur No be No and ur Yes be Yes. That way,we’ll all lead a good life with peace and love.

Ebube: Finally, what should your fans, top notch supporters expect from you?

Fireflamez: Am a positive thinker so they should always expect something positive and sometimes,highly spiritual songs.Ebube: That would be all for now. Thanks for being on my blog.You can find Fireflamez onIG: @Iam_Fireflamez
Twitter: @Iam_Fireflamez
Facebook Page: FireflamezFor bookings:

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