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Daylight Series #3 with Tee_kuro.

These are the days you see people holding up their phones and laughing for hours. You wonder if there’s still a need for stand up comedy. Everyone is in search of happiness and joy, Whether it is short lived or it sticks forever, comedy acts are now more than ever within our reach and today’s guest happens to be one of the people that have taken up the responsibility to take sorrows away. We are on with Tee_kuro, a fast rising sensation.

Ebube: Anyone with an instagram account that says he hasn’t heard about the comedy wonder of tee_kuro definitely doesn’t know how to use IG.πŸ˜’ With that said, can you tell us more about the guy behind the curtain?

TK: LolπŸ˜‚ might have hyped me a lil bit too much..Oh well, The guy behind the curtain is Kuro your average guy, definitely not as dramatic as what you see in the videos though, but i might be a little extra. I won’t say I’m regular because I’m not but I would say I’m just a guy taking life as it comes and chasing his dreams in the way he knows how, making myself & my family proud and living my life to Glorify God.

Ebube: Everyday records an increasing number of instagram comedians, what do you think makes you stand out?

TK: I think it’s my content. Of course almost any body with a smartphone can make a video and post on the internet, but I believe it’s the authenticity of my content that makes me stand out from other upcoming creators, the fact that people can watch my videos and see themselves through me, or their family members, or a friend, or that annoying neighbor or even remember something similar happening to them, it just gets people excited and leaves a feeling in them that other videos might not leave.

Ebube: Being popularly busy on social media comes along with attracting cyber bullying and trolls, have you experienced any? If yes, how did you deal with it?

TK: Haha, yes I have. Actually for a very long time, I never got any negative energy on my page, I even started getting worried, until one day Boom!!! someone blew up my comment section with insults on each of my videos, and I smiled and said to myself they have come, but regardless I didn’t reply. My fans were even the ones fighting with the troll, when everything got calm I deleted all the bad comments because i didn’t want people reading that kind of negativity on my page. I’ve understood that trolling is bound to happen, and when it comes I’ll embrace it & handle it because it’s just one of the cons of being in the public eye.

Ebube: Do you mind taking us through the journey of creating a skit from inception to uploading online?

TK: It’s an exciting & scary one, sometimes I have to do a lot of thinking before I get an idea and other times it just comes, It always feels awesome when the idea first hits me though, in the process of developing the idea, the doubts start setting in, if my idea is actually as amazing as I thought, but I still go ahead with it anyway because creativity & doubt work together… After hours or days of thinking, I finally try to film it, which is the very fun & stressful part, I do dozens of takes to get the perfect shot, I film alone so I have to tell myself when I’ve got it right, before I change for the next character and so on, sometimes things don’t go as planned, the clouds get dark, it rains or annoying loud environmental noises hinder me but I get through all that eventually, I then have to edit the footage, which I consider the most tedious part, usually takes me a day to edit approximately, I then show one or two friends/family members for feedback, if available, if not I use faith & post itπŸ˜‚

Ebube: Wow, that’s seems stressful indeed. Moving on, Some people believe that there’s no virtue in comedy, you end up making yourself look like a fool to others, people end up not taking you serious in life. Coming from a comedian, do you think there’s virtue in what you do?
What keeps you creating more? Impact or pleasure?

TK: First off, I don’t regard myself a comedian, I can’t do stand up or crack a joke for you. I take it that I am an ACTOR that is a “comic content creator”
And no, I don’t believe that’s true in the slightest way, no 1 comedy isn’t about making yourself look like a fool to others. It’s so sad that’s what Nigerians regard as comedy and I don’t blame them because a lot of comedians online believe foolishness is the new funny, although it pays sometimes, but what people don’t know is that it takes the smartest of people to make them laugh, and comedians are being underrated for that, Yes I believe there’s a lot of virtue in what I do.. I mean if I can brainstorm content consistently, film it, perform multiple characters and edit with complicated softwares, that’s a lotta brain work don’t you think? It’s like producing a 1 minute movie all by yourself difference is I’m my own cast & crew, and then someone would say they can’t take me seriously in life because I make them laugh. Well that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

Ebube: Talking about assuming comic content creation as a career, Do people around you support your choice of career?

TK: Surprisingly yes, my whole family, my friends, basically all the people important to me support me.

Ebube: Apart from what you’re known, what else are you into?

TK: Singing, Screenwriting, Event hosting, Public Speaking & Agriculture.

Ebube: I’m particulate about people using their platform to make things better for others, how do you see yourself doing that?

TK: I believe making people laugh is impact enough, people walk around everyday with aching thoughts, so the few minutes spent on my page putting smiles on faces is huge for me. With my videos and other posts, I also try to impact, educate & inform people my little way through my IG stories.

I believe making people laugh is impact enough, people walk around everyday with aching thoughts, so the few minutes spent on my page putting smiles on faces is huge for me. With my videos and other posts, I also try to impact, educate & inform people my little way. –Tee_kuro.

Ebube: That’s good to know. So a lot of people think that online comedians that wear female dresses are really not funny people. They need the extras to attract audience. Relating it to yourself, what do you think?

TK: I think people that say that are not very open minded.
Cross gender acting is not a new thing, it’s been happening since Shakespeare (400 years ago) Certainly there was a time when all roles were traditionally played by men. As the theater was no place for a woman. I’m just stating that as fact. Relating it to myself I’ve never dressed as a female with intentions to attract audience, I dress as a female to tell my stories, some skits need a mother, a daughter or an aunty supporting the male characters in the story, obviously I can’t be casting ladies to come and help me act the females part whenever I want to make a video when i know i have the talent & ability to interpret those roles perfectly. I’ve also done videos that didn’t require any female characters in it and people still thought it was funny & related to it so no it’s not the dresses that make me funny but my performance. I still have a lot of points on this motion though but let me stop here.

Ebube: On a light note, what kind of person are you?


Movie / Book

Morning Person/Night Owl


Stand alone movies/ Series

Online Dating/ Offline Dating

Long Distance Relationship/ Short Distance Relationship.

TK: Tea
Night owl
Offline dating
I’m yet to see a successful long distance relationship, but whatever works for the people involved

Ebube: Many upcoming comedians would be trying to reach out to you for mentorship, what do you have to say to those people out there looking up to you?

TK: I still see myself as an upcoming creator though, but my advice to other upcomings are to not pay too much attention on numbers yet, don’t stress about how many followers or views or likes your getting, channel that energy to yourself and content by making yourself better, Be so good they can’t ignore you, also remember to be inspired by colleagues & mentors but don’t copy! Everybody prefers original to photocopy. Above all, you want to create something your proud of.

Ebube: It’s been wonderful hearing your views, what’s your final word to everyone that comes across the blog and the whole world?

TK: Thanks for having me, to whoever is reading this JUST START. Whatever you desire to do just start doing it because starting is always the hardest part.

Ebube: You’ve heard the guy JUST start and every other thing will be alright. Don’t forget to follow my guest on Instagram @tee_kuro. Who knows he might just take your worry away. Goodbye for now, If it’s your first time stopping by, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter. Feel free to reach out to me through my email:

I’ll be back again soon. Much Love.πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™β€

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